ABPF polycarbonate sheet ideal solutions for a wide range of applications in construction, fabrication, and print & display. ABPF polycarbonate sheet unique combination of material properties that make it superior to other thermoplastic materials or glass and making it the ideal product for roofing, glazing and fabrication.

It provides unbeatable impact resistance, 200 times stronger than glass, providing protection against breakage and shattering. It easily withstands a blow of a hammer, hence it is extremely suitable for use in safety glazing applications, in vandal areas or in applications which require enhanced shatter resistance protective screening.

ABPF Polycarbonate Sheet provides high impact resistance without compromising light transparency as this is the same as glass. Yet at only half the weight, it’s easier to handle and install and remains flexible enough to be thermoformed, cold bent or fabricated offering brilliant design flexibility.


ABPF polycarbonate protects against damaging UV radiation as it offers a co-extruded UV protective layer on both sides of the sheet. As a result, it can be used in the harshest climate conditions with enhanced protection against the effects of weathering and UV radiation, increasing sheet life expectancy and durability.

ABPF polycarbonate sheet is available in a range of clear, translucent, opal, embossed and color tinted options that offer different levels of light transmission and light diffusion. The embossed finish prevents glare due to the uniform dispersion of light over a large area, obscures views for added privacy and reduces the visibility of scratches.



Polycarbonate Diamond Sheets
An attractive diamond embossed pattern sheets are stronger and flexible, providing superior spanning and load-bearing capabilities.

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Polycarbonate Textured Sheets
By the texture diffuses the natural light, which streams in and ensures uniform dispersion of light over a large-scale area that can prevent glare.

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Polycarbonate Plain Sheets
These are basically a formless resin possessing a perfect blend of mechanical, optical, thermal, and electrical properties as compared to other materials.

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